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At Airbone we have always strived to be the best amoung the best. Providing students in our area access to Quality Education, while simultaniously being affordable.

Modern Syllabus

We make sure our syllabus is always up-to-date and upto international standards.

Anti-Ragging Campus

We at Airborne take strict pracautions to avoid Ragging inside campus at all costs.

Expert Faculty

All of our faculty are well-trained, well-qualified in their respected positions.

Managing Director

MD's Message

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While Payyannur is home to multiple educational institutions, there were no such institutes that offered courses on aviation which offers great prospects for the people who seek a career in this field.

I started Airborne in 2009 with the motive of enabling people from our area to seek education in aviation. We started as a small institute, but I am glad to say that we make sure whoever takes an admission in our institute gets offered quality education and also we ensure they get an opportunity to explore their own talents through extra carricular activites. We edify our students to contemporary models of learning with solid foundation so that they emerge as elucidated and impeccable asset for the world of opportunities awaiting them. On successful completion of courses, our students go on to get placed both nationally and internationally, in various companies with the aviation industry. We decided to diversify from aviation and have already begun offering courses on logistics, hotel management and paramedical training. We are able to target members from the economically weaker section of the society by offering quality education at affordable prices, this is our greatest strength. At this institute, every student is provided one to one attention and his/her academic/career growth is ensured. I along with my crew, work hard to realize the dreams of both our students and their families. I hope Airborne will reach greater heights, through God's grace.

Every student is offered one to one attention and his/her career/academic growth is ensured

Principal's Message

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Prajisha Govindhan

Airborne has been offering excellent courses. Students should get placed at the end of their tenure. Keeping this in mind they are provided with quality training.

By running proper classes and giving proper notes, all subjects are made easier for our students, which we ensure. Along with all the subjects, communication and personality classes are also being provided by us. At the same time, by keeping parents of the students informed about their ward's performance, we raise the bar of their education.

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We strive to be always the best among the best, there is always something higher to achieve.


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