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About Us

With amazing services, Airborne College is opening up a broad world of professionalism by offering university-accredited degree programmes and internationally recognised IATA-certified diploma programs. With the help of power, teaching style, and training, Airborne was able to conquer several obstacles. There are roughly 400 students, 20 professors, and one branch in Kannur after 11 years of growth and achievement.
We began as a tiny institution with the promise of aviation tourism in 2009. Our expertise and hard work enabled us to create a significant impact, as well as become extremely famous among the general public. We focus not only on education but also on extracurricular activities in order to find and support students' latent potential.



Managing Director, Founder

It is my pleasure, welcome, and thanks to all the parents and students of the new Academic Session for joining Airborne. Airborne is the Institution dedicated to student's services and excellence for their good education. Airborne always appoint highly qualified and dynamic faculty which natures the student's in the best possible manner and help them to imbibe advanced knowledge and skills in the field of Commerce, Management, Science, Aviation, Personality Development, and Hospitality

We are proud of the achievements that we have given to Professional Education towards our faculty as well as our student's excellence. We always want to make education as a tool for candidate's betterment and to provide an equal axis for making knowledge and higher education for students who are being part of Airborne. It is always our motive and vision to develop self-confidence and positive thoughts which help them to gain every success in their life later. Airborne is the place where you can fulfill your dream by Enchasing your potential for a successful career and encourage you to explore your Programmes further and will always for you in any condition. On behalf let it be my privilege to welcome you again to the world of Airborne.




I take this opportunity to congratulate & welcome all students who have been admitted to various programs at Airborne College Of Aviation.
“AN IMAGINE BEYOUND YOUR IMAGINATION” is the vision of our College

Orientation for newly joined students is the first step in this remarkable journey & attendance is compulsory. In the Orientation, you will have the opportunity to meet your entire faculty, learn about the strategies for successfully adjusting to college life. It will also provide information on policies, programs & services that are available to promote a conducive environment for Learning. We also train the students for being successful in the world.

We offer different programs to keep you on the road to graduation and professional success, such as tutoring, Seminar, Conferences &, Preparation for the exam, Time Management, etc. We also have a vibrant Events such as the Onam festival, Sports festival, Tour, etc... I also encourage you to get involved to participate in Student Council & take part in different activities organized by the college. I am confident that each member of the M.D team will contribute to your Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual & Social Development. This will contribute to your success.

I urge you to have a look at our Website and take advantage of our Office to know more about the educational services we offer.

Happy learning.

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